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Stream virtual desktops and apps from your datacenter, Azure and other public clouds to any device.

The Workspot Enterprise VDI Platform represents a cloud-native solution purposefully crafted to revolutionize outdated VDI systems, offering a significant reduction in the cost of end-user computing (EUC). Investing in the modernization of VDI proves to be a high-return opportunity for IT.

With a commitment to operational simplicity without compromises and the adaptability required to meet diverse use cases, Workspot seamlessly deploys desktops and applications across a Hybrid Multi-Cloud (HMC) environment. This solution boasts massive scalability, industry-leading 99.99% cloud desktop availability, and includes built-in real-time actionable alerts alongside historical trends analysis.

Simplicity is at the forefront of deployment and operation. Cloud desktops can be launched in any Azure region within minutes, all managed through a unified console for streamlined operations.

The Workspot Enterprise VDI Platform is a cloud-native solution designed from the ground up to radically simplify outdated VDI and reduce the cost of end-user computing (EUC). Modernizing VDI is a high-return IT investment. For operational simplicity without compromises and the flexibility needed to address all your use cases, Workspot has you covered.

Dramatically Reduce VDI Costs and Complexity

• Simplify VDI Management: Experience a 10x simpler VDI platform for effortless design and deployment.
• Accelerate Time to Value: Launch your VDI pilot in a single day and deploy to production in just 45 days.
• Consolidated Management and Monitoring: Gain complete control over desktops and apps across all clouds and on-premises environments from a single, unified interface.
• Significant Cost Savings: Achieve substantial savings of 50% on software and 67% on operational expenses.

Empower Business Agility and Efficiency

• Unleash HPC Capabilities: Support a wide range of GPU-powered HPC applications, including engineering, 3D CAD design, contracting, call centers, software development, and remote employee workstations.
• Boost End-User Productivity: Drive productivity gains with NPS scores of 80, a 75% reduction in support tickets, and actionable business intelligence insights to optimize user satisfaction and performance.

Attain Industry-Leading Availability and Security

• Minimize Downtime: Experience an 80% reduction in downtime, ensuring seamless VDI operations.
• Optimized Cloud and On-Premises Performance: Solve capacity and cost optimization challenges across cloud and on-premises environments.
• Zero Trust Security Architecture: Implement an innovative control plane and data plane separation for enhanced security.
• Integrated Security Measures: Seamlessly incorporate all your security measures, including MFA, to keep data safe off endpoints and protected in the cloud.
• Reinforced IP Protection: Strengthen intellectual property protection with robust security measures.

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