Power App - App-In-A-Day Workshop

CollabPoint LLC

A 1-day workshop designed to automate your most manual, revenue impacting workflow.

During our 1-day workshop we will perform a high-level assessment to discuss your most manual, revenue impacting workflows. We will then seek to identify how use of Power Apps can automate your process and improve your revenue streams. Prior to beginning on the automation of your workflow, we will design a simple wireframe diagram to identify current steps, automated steps, and remaining manual steps after process automation. With this as our roadmap, we will develop a custom form-based app that work natively on your devices, automate standard processes even with other LOB applications. We will also have a brief session around the "Art of the possible".

Our Power Platform architects have real-world experience in transforming companies using the Power Platform and associated tools. With the Microsoft ecosystem and a platform that is literally changing every week, our architect will work to understand your goals and offer advice on how to best navigate to a successful outcome.

Deliverables: • Recommendations on Power App roadmap definition • Recommendations on licensing (if required) • Review of additional workflows that could be automated • Recommendations on next steps

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