Dynamics 365 Portals: 6-Week Implementation


Dynamics 365 Portals is a comprehensive service offering from MTC that takes care of your Dynamics 365 Configuration, Customizations and Extensions.

This is a multi-week (6 week) implementation service offer that involves various deliverables as listed below.


  • Install Portal Solution
  • Configure Portal
  • Design entities, entity forms and entity list, etc., based on the page requirements
  • UI and responsive Design
  • Set theme of the website
  • Authentication pages
  • Registration pages
  • Adding Shopping Cart Pages
  • Adding Bulk Edit Feature
  • Add Calendars to Portal
  • External Authentication
  • Single Sign-on


  • For requesting individual portal service (Configuration/Customization/Extensions), please contact MTC at
  • Separate charges and timelines are applicable for complex portal customization and extension requests.
  • Management Technology Consulting (MTC) is a US headquartered LLC, dedicated exclusively to Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM professional services and outsourcing with heavy engineering expertise.
  • MTC is built on optimized delivery technology and globally preferred cost center operations to deliver high-quality superior-value rapidly to all markets around the globe 24 hours a day.

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