3DX Dassault PLM Integration

door To-Increase B.V.

Connect engineering and operations with an intuitive, configurable solution.

Connect 3DX Dassault to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with To-Increase’s 3DX Dassault PLM Integration solution. Our adjustable solution is designed to work together with the engineering change management solution in Dynamics 365.

3DX Dassault PLM Integration ― Key features

  • Offers a flexible PLM-ERP Integration Framework based on a user-friendly approach.
  • Provides a unified view of all product data and product-related processes in a central, digital location.
  • Enables automatic approval and activation of the bill of materials on PLM status change.
  • Offers a staging journal to validate the data and transform it before processing.
  • Goes beyond PLM integration with additional data ownership and governance capabilities.

Key benefits

  • Enhances collaboration between engineering and operations.
  • Supports the needs of multinational manufacturers, helps scale up the business, and drives efficiency.
  • Reduces product development processes and enables faster time to market by allowing a smooth and well-designed integration backed by robust tooling.
  • Significantly reduces costs of duplicated work and errors by seamlessly linking PLM and ERP systems.

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