AQL My Timesheet

door AQL Technologies

Keep track of time sheet

My Timesheet is a powerful tool transforming time management within organizations. It seamlessly combines intuitive functionality with robust features, empowering users to track work hours and project progress effortlessly. With a centralized platform for tracking time and submission, it enhances efficiency and accountability across teams.

The features for the My Timesheet app are documented below:

  • The Dashboard acts as the Home/Main Page.
  • Users can initiate time tracking by clicking on the “+ New” button.
  • Users need to select a start date to enter time into the timecard for filling the timesheet.
  • Multiple projects can be added to the timecard as per the user’s requirement.
  • Users can add hours daily or once a week for all working days.
  • Users can include additional information by adding comments.
  • Clicking on the “Save” button saves the timesheet before final submission.
  • Users can submit the timesheet for approval by clicking on “Submit for Approval”.
  • Submitted timesheets will be directed to approvers for the approval/rejection process.
  • Users can view all the timesheets they have submitted under “My Timesheet”.
  • Users can select any date to view the timesheet for a specific week.

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