Fellowmind Document Assist

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Easy and intuitive file handling (drag&drop and preview) - Can offload files for storage cost saving

Document Assist provides an optimal user experience for working with documents within Dynamics 365 / Dataverse. This means among others: quick and easy insight into all documents associated to a relation and easy upload with drag & drop. And if available storage capacity is limited, these documents can be stored externally for a significant reduction of storage costs.

A selection of the features of Document Assist:

  • Smooth installation process, easy to set up on any desired table
  • Preview of simple file types (such as PDF files and images)
  • Upload files with drag & drop, multiple files at once
  • Additional data can be saved (such as category, origin, etc.), for good findability and for automating business processes
  • Shows all files associated to the current record in one overview (email attachments, note attachments, document records)
  • Confidential documents (e.g. with medical data) can be extra secured
  • Files (including email attachments) can be moved to an external storage for cost saving, fully transparent to the users
  • Integration with (Dynamics) portals is possible for uploading and downloading by external users

Good to know: Document Assist is also privacy-friendly, as you don’t have to download files first to view them or to send them by email. This prevents sensitive data from ending up on your system unnecessarily. Fully in line with GDPR!

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