EvergreenWorx Maintenance Pro

door EvergreenWorx

Complete asset lifecycle and work order management in one convenient application.

Maintenance Pro is a cost-effective CMMS that helps you easily repair, utilize, and monitor your assets.

Using paper and spreadsheets to track your asset inventory, data, and work orders is over. EvergreenWorx Maintenance Pro streamlines your operations workflows into one simplified solution. Maintenance Pro expands on the features and functions found in the Community Edition of EvergreenWorx Maintenance.

Basic Benefits of EvergreenWorx Maintenance:

  • Stores asset details, such as location, work orders, spare parts, companies, history, and documents, in an accessible data library.

  • Out-of-the-box business intelligence dashboards. These easily configurable data visualizations allow you to quickly share data with key contributors and analyze trends.

  • Retrieve or view data on the go with mobile accessibility.

  • Increase efficiency through kanban boards. Quickly plan and assign tasks in an intuitive format that helps you stay on top of the workload.

How Maintenance Pro Optimizes Your CMMS:

  • Saves your business wasted time and effort via digital work order and request templates. Switching to a digital work order system can improve time management by 40% and reduce errors or missed requests by 7%.

  • Store unique asset data that suits your needs with asset properties. These custom fields allow you to record crucial information about your asset characteristics and operating metrics.

  • Reduce equipment downtime by an average of 20.1% through preventive maintenance scheduling. Create PM schedules that are time- or meter-based.

  • Lower expenses by up to 17.8% by tracking material, labor, and service costs. Automatically associated with work orders, this tool manages estimated and actual costs so you can see how much you saved.

  • Schedule intelligently while lowering work order resolution time by up to two weeks with work-order mapping. Optimize truck rolls and site visits by creating custom maps with filters.

About the EvergreenWorx App Suite

Developed on the Power Platform, EvergreenWorx apps offer all the features of non-Microsoft products for a fraction of the price. Thousands of integration options, built-in data visualization tools, and low-code customization come standard with each application, including EvergreenWorx Maintenance Pro. Our app suite is designed to streamline the back office of small-to-midsize businesses. Our solutions are intuitive and affordable, helping you get work done faster while getting the most out of your Microsoft investments.

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