Responsive for Dynamics CRM Add-On

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Expand proposal operations into Dynamics, where sales team is already working, with Responsive's Dyn

Responsive's cloud-based software helps streamline proposal management efforts in the RFP response process. The trusted solution automates the import and export functions, centralizes content for business proposals and security questionnaires, and facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders.

At the heart of the user-friendly application is Responsive's dynamic answer library enhanced by an intelligent recommendation engine, that provides centralized content and a collaboration hub.

Bi-directional integrations with many popular technologies, along with an open API, allow teams to connect instantly to people and content. Reports and dashboards give clear visibility into the full cycle of the RFP process—including project status and progress, and analytics for actionable insights.

Responsive's integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows users to work on proposals within the CRM application:

  • Initiate new projects directly on Deal, Lead, and Account pages in Dynamics CRM, and seamlessly map project, product, and client data into Responsive fields

  • Track progress at the project, section, or owner level with built-in executive dashboards and summaries

  • Submit RFP intake requests from Dynamics; your qualification team can then evaluate these requests before converting them to an active project in Responsive

  • Access customizable reports and built-in managerial dashboards to quickly identify roadblocks and better understand how resources are being allocated

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