Crisis Management Application

Systems Limited

Management system for handling crisis, keep your team safe, productive and well informed.

Crisis Management Application 

A unified Crisis management system for handling pandemics, natural disasters, sociopolitical unrest. Solution which helps track the status of your employees’ health, remote workers attendance, contact information, location, and travel history. 

Product Features

•       Team have access to consolidated trustworthy information from HR and Management in single hub

•       Helps managing service requests by integrating with organization's help desk and enables chat bots.

•       Employee can update and organisation can track employees’ health, contact information, location, and travel history

•       Make work from home simpler by providing attendance and remote work tracking options. 

Market Desired Outcome

Effectively manage all stakeholders – from responders in the field to executives in the boardroom – working from a common operating picture, you will never have to worry that your mission critical activities & response plans are not getting executed

•       Employee centric real-time communication to track and keep your team safe, productive, and informed

•       24/7 enriched knowledge centric intelligent chat bot to address multiple query types

•       Easily aligns with your organization’s Help desk and other core business processes and practices.

•       Detailed dashboard to lock into your organisation behaviors and plan the next move for your company and employee well being.


The solution requires following additional components to run properly

Office365 with mailboxes on cloud, Teams, SharePoint Online and Power Automate