Performance Management for D365 Human Resources


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Microsoft + Hubdrive = HR Excellence

The HR Power Extension Performance Management supports you with structured development of your employees. From reviews and goals, all the way to the transfer of training organization - all functions for the development of your talents are available.

Templates for goals and evaluations can be created for all employees or employee groups (positions, hierarchies, etc.). They can be distributed to the relevant managers with just a few clicks. This ensures transparency at all times regarding the progress of the review. You also have the option to define escalations via workflows.

In addition to the templates, individual goals can be quickly and easily recorded and tracked directly in the review. Goals can be any activities or skills, trainings and certifications which are to be acquired by a specific date. A connection to achievement based compensation is available.

Due to the complete integration between digital personnel files, employee skills, job descriptions, feedbacks and target agreements, all areas of the employee development are always up to date. Dashboards and reports visually support transparency. Employees always have an overview of the current status of their goal achievements via self-services.

  • Templates for job profiles can be defined
  • Templates for evaluation, target agreement or both combined available
  • Automated distribution of interviews to managers
  • Feedback from any end device (also mobile) possible
  • Feedback for evaluated person as KPIs and graphical analysis
  • Different feedback weightings possible
  • Connection to employee file, skills and feedback
  • Seamless integration to training and salary modules
  • Real-time evaluations for HR and managers
  • Additional templates and agreements as Word templates
  • Digital signature from employees and managers

Integrated work makes the difference!

Performance Management for Dynamics 365 Human Resources is fully integrated in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CDS Power Platform. The synchronization of data between all areas takes place automatically and in real time. All tasks are completed in a standardized interface - simply use your Outlook, preferred browser or mobile from all common end devices.

Purchase and Deployment

You can use Performance Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources in the Dynamics cloud or install it locally in your company. Independent from the chosen deployment option you have the option to either buy the solution or subscribe for a monthly fee.