Tasks Management

Eloqns International Co.

Tasks Management SharePoint Add-in for managing tasks assignments with Dashboard for KPIs

Tasks Management SharePoint Add-in extends SharePoint capabilities in terms of tasks management. it provides dashboard that shows the profile of the user, along with menus that can show the newly assigned tasks, pending tasks and late tasks.

The dashboard provides descriptive information and graphs with filtering capabilities per:

  • 1. Tasks status (New, Pending and/or late)
  • 2. Tasks selection (per month and year)

Upon selection the user would have a complete list of tasks along with their details, all tasks will be represented with graphical bar charts and pie charts on periodical basis.

Tasks management SharePoint Add-in combines the tasks assignment, tasks dashboard and reporting/KPIs for users. All tasks status is automatically categorized (New, Pending or late) along with bubble red notifications to show the number of tasks in each category for easy access and informative menus.