Decipher Add-In

door Decipher Credit

Reduce the time it takes to create agreement and proposal documents in Word

Decipher Documents Add-in enables you to create in Word company wide standardize agreements, proposals and many other documents compatible with Decipher Credit products. Decipher Documents Add-in provides all the available fields from Decipher Credit system and allows you to easily insert field placeholders. Once the documents with placeholders are uploaded to Decipher Credit, the system will dynamically generate proposals or loan agreements based on Decipher Credit’s automated credit decisions. Please note that Decipher Documents is part of Decipher Document Management actions available only with Decipher Credit products.

Add-in capabilities:

  • Shortcut buttons for commonly used fields
  • Field placeholders are organized by module and are easy to find
  • Insert placeholders directly into your document
  • Placeholder highlight feature

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Lezen en wijzigingen aan uw document aanbrengen
  • Gegevens via internet verzenden

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