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Pipeliner CRM

Pipelinersales Inc.

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Get detailed Pipeliner CRM data about the sender of the message right inside your inbox.

Note: This version of Pipeliner CRM Outlook Inbox Add-In is only for users of the Pipeliner CRM Cloud Version. If you are using the desktop version of Pipeliner CRM Hybrid please go to the other Pipeliner CRM Hybrid Inbox Add-In page.


The Pipeliner CRM Cloud Inbox Add-In for Outlook provides a new level of efficiency and integration. When you receive an email message, the Pipeliner CRM Smart Preview Panel for Outlook brings you detailed information about the sender of the message within seconds. Easily review all related business you have previously done with that contact, including related leads, opportunities, accounts and even activities.

Whenever an email message comes into your inbox, the Pipeliner CRM Smart Preview Panel for Outlook displays detailed information about the message sender within seconds. You can easily review all previous business conducted with that contact, including all related activities, leads, accounts and opportunities.

If you click on any email message within your inbox, the Pipeliner CMR Inbox Add-In matches the data of the sender and recipients with Pipeliner CRM data:

- Detects Existing Data

- Detects Pipeliner Users

- Relates existing records from Pipeliner CRM to the Sender

- Detects “Unknown” Data

You can save all content from a received email message to Pipeliner. If needed, you can also create and save additional records related to the contact.

Pipeliner CRM Cloud Inbox Add-In for Outlook requires Pipeliner CRM account, and is seamlessly integrated with Pipeliner CRM Starter, Business and Enterprise versions.

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