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Timesheet Plus - HR365

HR 365

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Timesheet Plus - HR365 is free, fully featured 30 days trial for one office 365 tenant - Office 365

Office 365 Timesheet Plus is for unlimited users virtually*

Office 365 time tracking that is powerful, yet easy to use with functions like time sheets, daily projectized and operational tasks, weekly reports linked with project and companies. Task and time running immediately without any worries of maintaining additional cloud, logins, credentials and data security issues. It works on your Office 365 framework and data resides within your Office 365 with no additional cost other than your existing subscriptions.

Users can easily report their time divided in projects and activities that are registered and at the same timesheet plus has an excellent overview of the previous reported activities. Since the timesheet can be viewed both on a daily & weekly basis it is really simple for the user to get an overview of all time tracked.

Timesheet Plus allows you to create customers, projects, billable or non-billable, hourly rate which helps in billing client for their respective projects. Also within this office 365 time tracking add in, all the project documents can be stored for any reference as and when needed

This office 365 time tracking add-in has the capability to

• Projects: Create and manage your projects and project activities. 

• Record time daily / weekly: Week by week or daily based time

• Reports with Flexible filter: View, print or export reports. Several

• different reports with flexible filtering possibilities are available

• Views:

- Admin

- Project Manager

- Project Observer

- User (Team Member)

- Features

- Manage projects and track time from desktop, mobile phones, virtually from anywhere.

- Easy time reporting by using week by week or daily time sheet

- Mobile device interface for easy time registration

- No limit on number of projects or clients

- Timesheet Stopwatch/Timer

- Run real-time reports, with possibility of export to Excel

- Configure hourly cost

- Group users in teams


In this office 365 timesheet For the Project managers or employee managers, it is easy to get an overview of how much time that has been registered on a project or activity and time registered by a specific user.  Also run real-time reports, with ability to export to Excel. There is also a number of reports in the timesheet system, for example reported time per month, week, all projects etc. Time spent by all the team members for a project, time spent by a team member on multiple projects. Billable and non-billable time. Employee & Project daily, weekly and monthly report.

• Daily Report

• Weekly Report

• Monthly Report

• My Team Report

• My Projects

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Prerequisites : add-in permissions should be set to allow the add-in to read the host data.

Recommended browsers :Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge & IE 10 and above.

Language(s) : English

* 999 users