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5.0 (2)

Zepto is an intelligent time recording platform for law firms.

This product allows the users of the zepto-ai dashboard to be able to have precise tracking of the time they spent on documents for their clients. The add-in uses a special algorithm to determine if the user is writing or reading the document and calculates the time spent on doing so.

This product is incomplete without signing up for the zepto-ai dashboard at https://user.zepto-ai.com/signup, this add-in only extends the functionality of the dashboard.

Using this to its full potential requires the purchase of Zepto-ai services, more details about the pricing can be found here: https://www.zepto-ai.com/

Mogelijkheden van invoegtoepassing
Wanneer deze invoegtoepassing wordt gebruikt, kan deze
  • Lezen en wijzigingen aan uw document aanbrengen
  • Gegevens via internet verzenden
  • https://store-images.s-microsoft.com/image/apps.4994.5ada361b-2673-4ff3-9964-54ab7b51b32d.949ebda9-3b0d-41fe-bccf-632588614f30.840929f5-c515-44f4-9a35-bce39211872d.png