RFPIO® LookUp for Outlook

door RFPIO

RFPIO® LookUp for Outlook | Access Answer Library Content Right from Outlook

——What you need to do your best work——

Unlike other tools that are built to handle parts of knowledge management or the content lifecycle, RFPIO® LookUp is powered by an AI-enabled Answer Library that absorbs all of an organization's information and expertise. 

If your organization uses RFPIO, you’ve already curated a vast amount of subject matter expertise into the RFPIO Answer Library. The next step is making that knowledge base available to everyone. 

RFPIO® LookUp for Outlook provides the access point that makes it available to customer-facing teams and content creators across the organization, including sales, marketing, support and more.

——Key benefits——

  • Consolidate all of an organization’s information and expertise into RFPIO’s AI-enabled Answer Library
  • Quickly respond to email inquiries regarding your organization’s operations, products, or services
  • Access a repository of pre-approved company information right from Outlook

——How to Use——

Once launched, using RFPIO® for Outlook is as simple as:

  • Highlighting text-based content in Outlook messages
  • Right-clicking the text and choosing “Search in RFPIO”
  • Copy-pasting the best answer right into the body of outgoing Outlook messages

System Requirements:

To use RFPIO® LookUp for Outlook, Office users must be an RFPIO license holder with the “LookUp Subscription” enabled. Email for more information and setup support.

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