PerfectXL Highlighter

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Highlight cells in your Excel workbooks to gain clarity, spot mistakes, and improve the structure.

The PerfectXL Highlighter allows users to select different modes. Each mode has a unique set of cell types that will be analyzed and then highlighted. With these cell types the user gains a much better understanding of the information on their worksheet.

For example, the general mode highlights formulas, single references, and data cells, giving each a unique color and allowing the user to quickly spot the contents of each cell and better understand the layout of the worksheet. A list can also be generated of all the highlighted cells to quickly navigate throughout the worksheet.

The PerfectXL Highlighter comes with nine useful highlight modes:

1. General. Highlight formulas, single references, and data cells.

2. Consistent Formulas. Give every unique formula in the worksheet its own color.

3. References. See if formulas refer to the current worksheet, other worksheets or external workbooks.

4. Input Output. Identify if a cell is referenced, contains references, or both.

5. Cell Values. Color cells based on their value, e.g. numbers, text, date/time, etc.

6. Number Format. Color cells based on their format, e.g. accounting, currency, fraction, etc.

7. Protection. Highlight all unlocked cells and see which of these cells contain formulas.

8. Special Cells. Highlight special cells, such as merged cells, data validation, and hidden formulas.

9. Custom Search. Search for any value or formula and highlight the results.

Features of the PerfectXL Highlighter:

• Easy to use using the 'Highlight' and 'Clear' buttons.

• Customize the highlight range.

• Option to hide existing formatting in the worksheet.

• Indication how many cells are highlighted.

• Generate a list of all highlighted cells.

• Navigate quickly to highlighted cells.

• Optimized for performance on large worksheets.

Try the general highlight mode for free! For more information, visit:

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