TASKER Analytics by ELVA

door Elva Baltic SIA

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Free Power BI application to visually analyze data from TASKER field service management solution.

This application allows you to get a clear picture about the current state of task resolution across different dimensions like workspaces (objects), users and task types.

With the help of the application you may:
• analyze current and past activity by using different key performance indicators (KPI), including the totals of completed/opened tasks;
• the average task resolution time, the count of delayed ones and so on;
• go into detail by investigating specific sections of analysis like task duration time expenses, task management results by users, task priority handling, or observe the whole via the dashboard;
• make ad-hoc analysis by different criteria to deeply analyze your current trends. For instance, task resolution results in multiple time dimensions: now, yesterday, this week, last week, last month, across months and years respectively.

TASKER Analytics by ELVA is a free opportunity to understand your field service management insights if you are already an existing TASKER customer or even a potential customer that has intentions to try it out with demo data.

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