EROAD Analyst

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Use your fleet data to drive business insights. Connect to your own trusted subset of EROAD data.

EROAD Analyst

Have you realised the value and potential of your data? Are you leveraging all available information to make intelligent business decisions? If not, you could be leaving money and efficiency gains behind.

You’ve taken control of your fleet with EROAD. Take the next step and harness your fleet data to help your business perform even better. Get instant access to your fleet data easily and securely with EROAD Analyst. Utilising a pre-configured plug in for Microsoft® Power BI®, you get an intuitive tool for creating graphical reports and visual data comparisons, delivering actionable insights. Quick, current and easy analytics support you and your team to manage and optimise your business.

Click GET IT NOW to install the EROAD Analyst Power BI App and see working dashboards with sample data. Alternatively, Get in touch with your EROAD account manager for a personalised quote to connect your fleet's data and start driving business insights.

Why EROAD Analyst:

Current data at your fingertips.

Access all your EROAD data through Power BI. With the ability to include historical data up to six months old, you will have the most recent information available at your fingertips without having to make requests, or extract data manually from reports.

By connecting EROAD data into your Power BI application, you’ll get the most recent information available anytime you need it.

Your data. Your way.

Use fleet data in combination with other important data sets from customer relationship management, employee, project data or financials to gain further insights.

Clear visualizations. Fast insights.

Create clear, compelling reports about your fleet operations, helping your organization make better and faster decisions on areas for improvement and key initiatives that are delivering results.

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