EcoStruxure Building Advisor

Schneider Electric

Real impact on Operating Costs, Occupant Comfort, and Asset Value during The Life of Your Building

EcoStruxure Building Advisor provides peace of mind 24/7 by continuously monitoring building systems and identifying faults in building equipment. We help proactively address building inefficiencies, so you can reduce unscheduled maintenance, optimise occupant conditions, and increase energy savings.

Tighter budgets, ageing infrastructure, and higher energy costs demand a different way of thinking about your building’s operation and maintenance. EcoStruxure Building Advisor provides real Impact on Operating Costs, Occupant Comfort and Asset Value by continuously monitoring building equipment and systems while providing you with opportunities to optimise your building operations.

Building Managers, Facility Managers, and Building Owners can now get automated fault detection and diagnostics enabling condition-based maintenance to improve reliability while saving energy costs and increasing value of their assets.

Key Features:

    Turn-key set up
    Automated Fault Detection with Diagnostics
    Automated preventative checks
    Issues classified and prioritised by severity with Cost analysis
    Monitoring and Verification of energy savings projects
    Building Portfolio view and benchmark
    Equipment level views and benchmark