Smart capacity overview


Watch and analyze each employee's productivity and use their time reserves.

Are you interested in the productivity of each employee or the entire team? 
The application will help you analyze each employee's productivity, the number of hours worked, show you their time reserves. It is a tool for processing large amounts of data. DevOps Power Tools makes it easy to track progress of your project managed in VSTS. It helps you to track productivity per person, per project and get an overview of what is currently going on. DevOps Power Tools set you up with everything you need for developing, deploying and monitoring your DevOps projects. The DevOps Power Tools Dashboards lets you monitor code commits, builds and deployments, from a single view in the Azure portal. 

Key Benefits of DevOps Project:  
  • Get up and running with a productive template in minutes Support for a wide range of delivery projects
  • Nice reports for Project Mangers, Key Users, Developers, Testers, Support Team
  • Cloud-powered solution Application is available in English, Arabic and Czech

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