Cintoo Cloud


Cloud-based Reality Data management and collaboration platform

Cintoo Cloud is a SaaS platform that bridges the gap between your physical as-built spaces and their virtual 3D BIM or Digital Twin representation. Cintoo Cloud is agnostic to scanning devices, so capturing your as-built conditions can be performed with laser scanners, drones or 360 panoramas (scanning service not included in Cintoo’s offering). Connected to BIM or Digital Twin platforms, Cintoo Cloud enables collaboration and visualization in the Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Energy and Oil & Gas industries, when remote access to job sites is required for 3D measurements, asset tagging, as-built versus as-designed comparison, Scan-to-BIM, etc. 


Because the world is made of complex surfaces, not points, Cintoo Cloud leverages a unique technology to turn your point cloud data into 3D surfaced meshes with no compromise to accuracy.  Cintoo Cloud's web viewer is powered by TurboMesh™ engine for easy viewing and navigation by experts and non-experts alike using a simple web browser, avoiding interpretation errors that may happen with traditional point clouds.

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