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Modern workplace for Smart knowledge management


An end2end solution supported by a comprehensive technological platform, based on AI techniques and Ontologies, providing a new environment for shared work, mixing structured and unstructured data (natural language documents) over Office365 and/or any internal company data server.

What is everisKnowler?

  • Modern Workplace
  • Smart Knowledge Management tool
  • Knowledge Mining Platform
  • Cognitive recommender

knowler enters the content, analyses it, understands it and connects it with everything that exists.

Use technology to read, understand and extract the most relevant knowledge from all your documents and unstructured data.

Knowler enters the content, analyses it, understands it and connects it with everything that exists.

Allows to search in natural language queries, and recommends automatically  the most relevant knowledge. The right knowledge, to the right people, at the right moment, without asking.

Discover who works with who, who knows what, and what connects everything and share knowledge inside organization, best practises, intranets, internal Company regulation, etc.




  • Text to knowledge: Extracts relevant information from structured and unstructured data and transform them into Knowledge. - Reads documents, mails, agendas and creates relation-ships between themselves.
  • Natural Language Processing: Semantic Search, Contextual search, Independent search on text format, Search by synonyms.
  • Knowledge Graphs:The system allows to find and visualice relationships between entities and represent them through graphics.
  • Cognitive capabilities: Each user is profiled and provides recommendations based on user activity and interactions. Machine learning and Automatically documents classification.


Benefits & Improvements within any company

  • Time saving for developing jobs and tasks
  • Improve workflows and processes
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Acelerates Office365 adoption
  • Helps your Company to be GDPR compliance