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Cloud readiness analytics that put you in control!

Moving to the cloud? Know what you don't know!

Most companies do not have the right information or visibility into their applications to move to the cloud. Successful migrations to cloud require proper planning and analysis to determine the right applications to move, their associated key application dependencies, the right cloud provider, the best pricing model and much more.

Whether you're considering public cloud, private or hybrid, CloudScape has you covered.

CloudScape Benefits:

  • Complete application dependency mapping: See your entire application portfolio and associated dependencies in a single view.
  • Automated and intelligent cloud migration prioritization: Prioritize your applications to migrate based on rules configurable by you.
  • Educated Decisions: Make informed decisions around the best cloud provider for your business (we are platform agnostic).
  • IaaS Cost Modeling: Accurately model the cost of many public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, Rackspace and Softlayer.
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