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Robotic Process Automation software with Orchestrator available for Azure

The premiere RPA software automation platform!Introducing G1ANT, the new-level RPA platform for enterprise and large-scale uses! It combines advanced extensibility, high performance, and world-class support to offer you a rock-solid base for business automation. Build highly efficient and automated end-to-end business processes. G1ANT allows you to create, manage and deploy Robots, aka virtual workers. You can think of them as bots or scripts that click & type just like real users would! They can handle the mundane operations in everyday work and migrate data between systems with blazing speed and no custom integrations.
Who benefits from the offer?
G1ANT automations can be made and operated in 2 modes. Attended automation can be created with the Recorder module - hit Start, perform the actions you would normally do manually to teach the robot and voila! You can now run your sequence at any moment. This mode can be operated by any users - for instance, accounting, HR, finance department staff.For advanced automation and Unattended (background) mode, you need some basic coding knowledge (experience with C# or Python is nice!). G1ANT is a full-on IDE for robotic automation, made by developers for developers, and you will feel like at home if you ever deployed any IT project. G1ANT can be Dockerized and integrated with version control systems such as Git. Advanced automation is intended for IT teams, Center of Excellence and Automation units.
Customers' need or pain points
Don’t build colossal custom, monolithic platforms and integrations – connect all your existing and future data points and processes using G1ANT to save time and money. Data can be extracted and inserted into a plethora of systems, including all major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE) SalesForce, Sage, ERP, SAP, Atlassian JIRA, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Power Bi, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and Adobe solutions and virtually anything else, including your internal, custom software and scripts.Automating the mundane and connecting systems together is where G1ANT truly shines - start today with a free trial!

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