Worklogs Sync to Tempo

door Global Mediator ApS

A portal to sync worklogs from any time tracking tool into target Tempo instance

A secure portal that helps consolidate worklogs overviewand time logged in tasks in a single Tempo account from several Tempo instancesor any time tracking solutions that store the time spent on tasks andaccelerate the invoicing process, enhance internal time tracking and audit.

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Easily combine both to eliminate manual processing oftime worklogs and eventually build comprehensive time reports in no time.

· Unify data from several sources – internal and customerTempo instances, custom time tracking systems and multiple Excel timesheets –in your target Tempo instance.

· Upload folders with Excel files or Tempos directly fromcustomers’ systems to synchronize the process with your Tempo instance in a fewclicks.

· A simple and single-time setup to connect the Tempoinstances (including customers’ Tempo account connections) for the system towork automatically further on.

· Set up the replacement rules for task numbers or useraliases across external time tracking system and your Tempo, if necessary.

· To match the values from the customer's system withyours, use customized mapping of fields from an external source into the targetTempo, based on the project, Excel file peculiarities, and column names.

· Synchronize worklogs from external systems based onmapping and replacement rules into a buffer table for an extra validationbefore data processes to your live Tempo.

· In the buffer table, quickly compare the total loggedhours per task assignee for a specific project, user, or task via theexpandable Details panel.

· Customer data is secured with Azure Cloud Services.

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