Disease Management Program


Manage a complex set of chronic illnesses through proactive monitoring and interventions

GlobalMedics.AI Virtual Hospital Platform delivers predictive, preventative, personalised and participatory care in a hybrid mode, combining remote and face-to-face physical monitoring and care. It navigates your patient-customers towards good health, thereby reducing the risk of hospitalisation and emergencies.

The GlobalMedics.AI Care Ring App leverages two industry trends. The first is connecting people (patients/family/friends) into a collaborative social network, or ‘Care Rings of Caring". The second is connected devices (mass-market smartwatches, sleep sensors, fall-detection radars, digital BP cuffs etc.) for automatic and continuous vitals monitoring.

The platform enables members in “Care Rings of Caring” to record patient reports, vital signs and symptoms as and when experienced by the patient. It brings together a team of multi-disciplinary providers (treating doctors, health coaches, nutritionists, Yoga instructors etc.), who collaborate in real-time to take each customer through a personalised disease management plan. The burden of care is distributed among multiple professionals, with your customer in the centre!

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