IQAX Tracking Link

door IQAX.

Track your shipment progress and communicate updates with partners through a shareable URL or Micros

IQAX Tracking Link makes it easy to track your shipment progress and communicate updates with partners through a shareable URL or Microsoft Teams platform. It also comes with APIs to extend visibility into tracking data that your developers can use to generate solutions to fulfil your business need.

Track and share your shipment latest status quickly and easily without login

IQAX Tracking Link provides intuitive real-time visibility that allows for faster reactions to shipment delays. Data visibility through the Microsoft Teams platform facilitates communications that allow for more agile responses and efficient customer support in the event of unexpected changes. It also allows for proactive coordination, both internally and externally, that can minimize further delays at the last POD and facilitate better downstream logistics arrangements.

Intelligent Data to Elevate Your Operations

Among IQAX’s suite of powerful tracking solutions is IQAX Tracking Link, which ensures easy access to timely data on the status of your shipments. This new, powerful, and accessible solution allows users to track individual shipments, monitor their progress, access IQAX Tracking Link API, and connect with customers.

IQAX Tracking Link allows users to track active shipments on a map and share the information easily through a single URL. It makes collaboration and communication easy and efficient, generating significant value for users and their customers.

IQAX Tracking Link allows users to access shipment route and milestone details for every leg of the journey of a shipment. Users can access IQAX Tracking Link API which facilitates access to data on shipment delays and route changes.

Built on the Microsoft Teams, IQAX Tracking Link is your perfect answer for:

  • Tracking shipment with the least effort by only a few clicks
  • Staying informed and connected on shipment tracking regardless of location
  • Empowering team collaborations with shipment update in MS Teams Channel and Group Chats

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