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QicsMilestones is a Saas solution for project planning, time registration and billing

QicsMilestones is an integral solution for project planning, time registration, billing and reporting/analytics.

With QicsMilestones you are able to:

  • Plan resources and projects in time;
  • Keep the agreed budgets in control by showing the budget and actuals side by side;
  • Enter time and expenses (travel costs i.a.) from any computer with internet access, smartphone and tablet;
  • Approve time and expenses per project (by a project manager) or per week (by a department manager);
  • Gain insight into your work in progress position;
  • Invoice customers easily: QicsMilestones supports projects bases on actual costs, term projects (fixed fees), periodic contracts and advances;
  • Work with external and internal projects (for holiday, training, i.a.);
  • Provide your clients an invoice layout with or without a specification.
  • Report and analyse productivity, revenue, work in progress with advanced reports in Power BI

QicsMilestones differentiates through:

  • A fully integrated process support from planning to financial settlement;
  • A very user-friendly web-based user interface;
  • Comprehensive billing capabilities;
  • Unprecedented reporting and analysis capabilities;
  • Scalability from a single team to complex international organizations.