Azure Search365


Mission-critical search and AI with expertise in text analytics

We are an Australian-owned search and AI company with expertise in ML and NLP. Australian Government agencies and large enterprises trust us to build and support their mission-critical enterprise search, classification and intelligence solutions. Government agencies useAzure Search365 to find 'bad actors' and correlate markers in data that link together otherwise unrelatable and seemingly independant events. More generically, Azure Search365 helps our clients find needles in haystacks of data, discovering exactly what they need when they need it, unlocking insights from an ocean of structured and unstructured data, and at the same time, reduce risk , cost and inefficiencies across the business.

Azure Search365 is underpinned by the most advanced enterprise Search engines available today, including Elastic and Azure Search, and our products are deployed on Microsoft Azure. Search365 are Enterprise Search specialists with deep IP in the area of Search engine optimization for performance and cost control.

Building on Search as a core, 400+ data types sourced from data repositories of all shapes and sizes, may be enriched using a suit of 80+ AI / NLP / ML and text analytics enrichment capabilities chosen based on the nature and origin of the source data, and its desired usage scenario.

Data repositories that Azure Search365 connects to are many and varied. Sharepoint, Exchange, Network File shares, SAP, TRIM, Objective, OpenText, Service Now are just a small sample of the systems Azure Search365 connects to.