Resource Demand Management App

firmy GreenData Ventures, LLC

Optimize resource utilization, improve planning and execution through simple & effective management.

Optimize resource utilization, improve planning and execution through simple and effective management. Utilize the secure, extensible Microsoft PowerApps© platform to support your business processes.

Resource management is about finding the best way to deploy your most valuable assets - people. Managing resources effectively is crucial to a company's profitability and even survival. A good resource management solution promotes visibility and accountability into your process. Better utilization and forecasting are among the top benefits.

Built with the Enterprise Resource Manager in mind, the GreenData Resource Demand Management app, built on Power Apps enables the enterprise to effectively develop and manage resources across all efforts.

Whether using spreadsheets, Project Online, Project for the Web, OnePlan, Dynamics 365 Field Services, Dynamics 365 Case Management, Azure DevOps or Planner, the Resource Demand Management app is designed to integrate with existing project and task management systems. It enables advanced reporting and more effective conversations regarding resource planning across the organization while providing an effective solution and transforming resource planning out of myriad spreadsheets on or offline.

Our Resource Demand Management App enables easy update of information for any resource. Capture of additional data such as skills or cost is simple as our tool utilizes the Power Platform. It is now extremely easy to view, and update assigned work for any resource across multiple projects from the Resource view. PM's can view and update assignments in any project using the Project view. The Capacity Analysis view makes checking resource utilization and availability, seamless.

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