Active Directory Address Book


Publish your company Active Directory users information as an address book on your SharePoint Site

Publish users contact details as an Address Book/Company Directory on your SharePoint site.

The Address Book can be linked to a SharePoint list maintained manually or synchronized with your Azure or local Active Directory via our PowerShell scripts.

Main features:

  • Multiple views : single list, alphabetical, per department, per Microsoft Teams
  • Export contacts to MS Excel
  • Different themes/skins for smooth integration with your site colours
  • Possibility to change the display of card layout
  • Integrated search engine with diacritic symbol support
  • Documentation included
  • Simple and easy deployment
  • Compatible with SharePoint and SharePoint online

License maybe required based on the amount of contacts.

♦Change logs♦

V1.3.5.2 (2021/05/10)

  • Added access to your order through the Management Console

  • Improved the list generation: added 'Teams' field

  • Fix: Various minor bug fixes

V1.3.4.1 (2020/08/18)

  • Added support for the Microsoft Teams view

V1.3.3.6 (2020/07/16)

  • Added possibility to use a list located on any site collection

  • Added support to prefilter the list content with a predefined view
  • Improved support of On-Premise server
  • Improved custom card layout: new supported type, possibility to customise the searchable field, more user defined field
  • Improved the customisation of the list view and the Excel export
  • Fix: Various minor bug fixes

V1.3.2.0 (2020/01/30)

  • Fix: The spPageContextInfo was not properly loaded on 'Modern' site
  • Fix: Repaired the defaul theme to be the same as the main aadd-in
  • Fix: Improved stability and layout

V1.3.0.0 (2019/11/13)

  • New: Possibility to show/hide export excel button and list view button

V1.2.1.11 (2018/06/18)

  • Fix: Improved the search by supporting diacritic symbol
  • Fix: Redesigned the webpart settings
  • Fix: Improved the quick guide
  • New: Added Company, GivenName and Surname fields
  • New: Added Manager field and browsing
  • New: Added the possibility to change the layout (custom layout available on request(*2))
  • New: Added the possibility to sort by DisplayName, GivenName or Surname
  • New: Added the scrolling capability to the cards tab (switchable through the webpart settings)

V1.2.0.8 (2018/04/03)

  • Fix: Solved an issue with the installation on a subsite
  • New: Added version check/reminder
  • New: Now you can create an empty list, with all the required columns, from the 'management console'

V1.1.0.0 (2018/02/19)

  • New: Added Excel export
  • New: Added list view
  • New: Added SharePoint list as a source

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