Shared Email Templates

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Reply to routine emails with quick templates

Shared Email Templates will help you reduce time spent on emails from minutes to seconds in the familiar Outlook interface. Create a collection of your own email templates and re-use them whenever you want. The more you reply, the quicker you'll do it in the future. Share your templates with friends and colleagues if you want.

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Quick replies for Outlook emails

  • Templates for your routine correspondence
  • Create templates while replying to emails
  • Construct replies with building blocks - template shortcuts
  • Turn Outlook draft messages into templates
  • Not only for emails – use templates for meetings and appointments

Make your emails look attractive

  • Use built-in template editor directly in Outlook
  • Or edit and manage templates in your browser
  • Edit templates in plain HTML

Personalized replies with custom fields

  • Get the To, Cc, Bcc, and Subject fields filled in
  • Add recipient and sender names
  • Put placeholders and enter context-specific information on the spot
  • Embed input fields, drop-downs, calendar picker in your templates
  • Bring values from datasets

Use cloud-stored images and files

  • Attach files and insert pictures from OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Add images and attach files from a URL
  • Use Outlook drafts with attached files and images as reply templates

Share templates

  • Create teams to share templates with
  • Define user permissions in teams
  • Template sync on the fly
  • Customized team and profile properties

Use templates whenever and however you need

  • Run on PCs and Macs
  • Feel free to tap - support for touch-enabled Windows devices
  • Use with Office 365 accounts, paid Exchange Online subscriptions, on-premise Exchange 2016+ clients, and even with free accounts

Security and privacy

  • End-to-end encryption for team templates
  • Strong privacy policy – no personal data are shared with third parties
  • No scanning tools used, no actions are tracked or logged
  • Fail-safe scaled solution and cloud-based backup scheme

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This add-in is connected to the service, a place where you can create and share email templates between devices and people.

Currently, the add-in offers a "Free" plan available for everyone and "Business" and "Enterprise" paid plans. All current plans, limitations and pricing can be found on this page.

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