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At a glance

Salestim lets organizations provide users with a Business Solution Corporate Catalog for Microsoft Teams, automate Microsoft Teams provisioning and improve the management & lifecycle of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Business Solutions Corporate Catalog

SalesTim gives access to a Corporate Business Solutions Catalog that the company owns, letting user creates a Team needed to perform Business Activities such as: Proposal Realization, Recruitment Session, Project Management, etc. Business Solutions are Microsoft Teams Templates with business rules and IT rules.

Today Templates created for the Corporate Business Solutions Catalog supports:

  • List of Channels
  • List of Tabs
  • Configured Website Tabs
  • Configured Planner with Tasks, Description, Buckets, Checklists and labels

Governance & security for Microsoft Teams

SalesTim empowers end users with self-service Teams provisioning, management, and lifecycle operations. Transcend rigid provisioning or security solutions with user-driven teams templates and automatically apply governance policies:

  • Empower users: Self-service with control. Grant Microsoft Teams users access to whatever they need, based on who and where they are.
  • Secure collaboration: With or without moderation, provision teams with pre-set policies for naming conventions, moderation, ownership, apps and access.
  • Scale IT resources: Ensure IT works smarter by packaging repetitive tasks into services. Reverse data sprawl with lifecycle automation.

Automate your most common IT operations

  • Self-Service Provisioning: Users can request new teams through a self-service Business Solution catalog for Microsoft Teams. Proactively apply access, naming conventions, and features upon creation. End-users don't even need the permission to create teams, so you can avoid the mess!
  • Moderation: Control content ownership and classification to maintain accountability and validate relevance. Users can keep and update permissions with limited IT intervention. Approvers don't even need to be Teams administrators, so you can delegate approvals to business owners, saving time for IT!
  • Lifecycle: Ensure required or relevant content is kept in Microsoft Teams and get rid of the rest. Reduce risk and improve data quality to improve search results and user satisfaction.

Be up and running in minutes!

SalesTim is a SaaS application, 100% hosted in Microsoft Azure.
No install, no servers, nada. Updates automatically so you’ll always support the latest Microsoft Teams features.