Huamei 365® E-Bank Integration Solution

por Xi'an Huamei Soft Co., Ltd.

Streamline China Financial Operations with Huamei 365 ® E-Bank Integration

Revolutionize your China financial operations with Huamei 365 E-Bank Integration, a cutting-edge solution that bridges the gap between your Dynamics 365 F&O system and banking systems. Designed to meet the evolving demands of modern enterprises, this powerful platform extends the Dynamics 365 F&O accounts payable and banking modules, primarily implementing common functions such as vendor payments, process queries, and statement imports to streamline fund management, and drive operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Vendor Payments: Initiate manual/automatic payment requests to vendors. Receive bank processing results and update payment status.
  • Vendor Payment Queries: Query payment results and statuses from banks after initiating requests.
  • Customer Receipts: Automatically match customers, generate receipt entries, and match invoices based on bank statements.
  • Bank Statement Queries: Periodically retrieve bank statements from connected banks.
  • Bank Balance Queries: Periodically retrieve bank account balances.
  • Bank reconciliation Imports: Automatically import bank statements
  • E-Bank Integration Settings: Administrators can configure interface call addresses and status mappings for different banks, enabling flexible integration with various banking systems.
  • Log Tracking: Maintain logs of interface messages for troubleshooting and audits.

Key Advantages:

  • Shields bank differences: By providing a unified interface, the solution abstracts away the differences between various banking systems, simplifying integration for the business systems.
  • Flexible integration: When adding new banks, the business system does not need to be modified, as the E-Bank Integration Platform handles the integration.
  • Customizable configuration: Individual banks can be enabled or disabled on-demand, allowing for flexible and scalable integration.
  • Secure communication: Access between the ERP system and bank front-end machines utilizes unified authentication, and sensitive data such as payments are encrypted for enhanced security.

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