Huamei 365® Golden Tax Integration Solution

por Xi'an Huamei Soft Co., Ltd.

Integrate Golden Tax for streamlined VAT compliance in China with/for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

All businesses in operation are mandated to utilize a government-certified tax software in China, known as the Golden Tax software. This software is essential for generating VAT invoices, performing VAT calculations, and conducting statutory tax reporting. As per Chinese government policies, all VAT invoices must be issued through the Golden Tax system. Huamei 365® Golden Tax Integration Solution offers a seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O and the Golden Tax software system. This integration with the Golden Tax system simplifies the process of generating VAT invoices against documents produced by Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O.

Invoice Management:

Invoice management is the administration by tax authorities of vouchers issued by businesses and individuals for sales of goods and operating income in their business activities. It is a crucial component in both financial and tax management. In order to enhance overall customer service quality, improve product comprehensiveness, and achieve the integrated goal of "business, finance, and tax," Huamei 365® Golden Tax Integration Solution comprehensively integrates with the Golden Tax cloud service provider platform.

The solution achieves the unified management of invoice management through the following functional points:

  • Management of purchase tax invoice / sales tax invoice.
  • Management of sales invoices.
  • Electronic invoice issuance and receipt.
  • Golden Tax export interface for sales invoices.
  • Golden Tax paper-based invoicing for sales invoices.
  • Provision of value-added tax invoice receipt and verification.
  • Management of deductible and certified value-added tax.
  • Provision of relevant invoice reports.
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