Mazik Shop Floor

por Mazik Global Inc.

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A solution for efficiently managing your production floor jobs.

Mazik Shop Floor description

Developed on the Windows 8 platform, Mazik Shop Floor is a companion app built for Microsoft Dynamics AX R3 and Dynamics 365 for Operation. Mazik Shop Floor provides you with an in-depth view of the production jobs that need your attention today, right on the floor. The user-friendly design of the app allows for fast and efficient actions on production tasks such as:
  • Starting a job.
  • Stopping a job.
  • Reporting feedback when finished.
  • Recording breaks.
The colorful GUI and intuitive interaction controls increase readability and make it easy to use while you’re on the floor or on the move. Moreover, the detailed information that is required for your payroll is also recorded online. This digital real-time data helps you reduce errors, cost, and time on your side.

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