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This is the Original RapidStart CRM App! Rapid to Deploy, Simple to Use

A Simple-to-Use CRM App, Built on the Power Platform that you can never outgrow.

For customers of any size, who are apprehensive about Microsoft Business Applications due to cost, time, or perceived complexity, RapidStart CRM is an excellent path to start your journey.

What is RapidStart CRM?

The basic features you need to get started quickly, inexpensively, and successfully with Microsoft Business Applications. RapidStart CRM has been the #1 Packaged Deployment offering since 2015, with over 100,000 users! RapidStart CRM was the very first end-to-end, Simple-to-Use CRM Application built entirely on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Key Features

  • Prospects, Contacts, and Accounts Management
  • Simple Opportunities Management
  • Easy Case Management
  • Exclusive Record Hashtagging Feature
  • Exclusive "Quick Steps" Feature

Why choose RapidStart CRM?

  • RapidStart CRM is built on the Power Platform with feedback from thousands of users.
  • RapidStart CRM Plus* can be customized and extended to meet your unique needs, either by yourself or by engaging with our Services.
  • RapidStart CRM was purposefully designed to be easy to learn and adopt.
  • RapidStart CRM works with your other Microsoft Cloud services, like Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.

Easily Extend RapidStart CRM Plus with pre-built Addons on AppSource

14 Languages

Available in English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Arabic, Portuguese, and Japanese.


RapidStart CRM can be installed in any environment that has a Dataverse database.


RapidStart CRM Free is free to use for everyone! No strings attached! For advanced users, you can upgrade to RapidStart CRM Plus, our fully customizable version.

RapidStart CRM Information

Visit our website for more information on RapidStart CRM, *RapidStart CRM Plus, and our growing list of RapidStart CRM addons.

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