Contract Management and Legal Services System

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This solution was developed to help companies automate contract services & streamline legal processe

Contract Management and Legal Services Solution.

The Contract Management and Legal Services Solution is a comprehensive and innovative system, that is designed to manage the contract and legal process of an organization. The system generates distinct contract template and implements a well-structured form to capture data at various stage of the process. The system is role based and each role in the system has its own unique privileges.

Some of the features are as stated below:

  • Document Routing and Approval Workflows – The system can send documents from one person to another for review, approval or reference seamlessly.

  • Email Notification – The system implements email notification to notify the various parties involved in a process at every stage of the process flow.

  • Process Automation- The system implements various workflows to automatically drive the process flow of the various work processes.

  • Admin Set-up – The system allows various actions to be taken regarding an admin, such as: adding an admin, deleting an admin, editing an admin’s credentials, and so on

  • Analytics – Provides you with detailed data and reports to fully analyze data to get valuable insights.

Some of the benefits of using the solution:

  • Shortens approval time: Makes the process of approving a contract by an admin faster.

  • Improves document management.

  • Allows organizations to process legal agreements without affecting documents at any stage of the process.

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