Integrate Bing Maps with Dynamics 365 CRM to Visualize Data on Map by Geo-Analytical App Maplytics

Leading Geo-Analytical mapping app integrating Bing Maps with Dynamics 365 for Territory Management, Appointment Planning, Routing, Radius Search & much more with support for Dataverse (PowerApps). 

Maplytics is available for Dynamics CRM 8.2 & above, Dataverse (Power Apps) as well as native Dynamics 365 App for Phones & Tablets. It supports On-Premise & Online Dynamics 365.


  • Map CRM Data: Geocode & plot color-coded categorized records with custom pushpins & visualize land areas on map
  • Proximity Search: Search nearby records in specified radii or time around a location
  • Route Optimization: Optimize routes, find more records along the route & points of interest locations.
  • Sales Territory Management: Auto-create territories or save draft territories. Perform binary operations & assign single/multiple territories to records with assignment rules
  • Auto Scheduling: Multi-user, multi-day auto-optimized appointment planning
  • Real-Time Tracking: Track field service reps on field in real-time within Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Maplytics API: Show Maplytics search results outside Dynamics 365
  • Check-In/Out: Check-In/Out for field reps on site of visit with Geofencing. Add notes & attachments and create check-in/out requests for past meetings
  • PCF control: Add components on fields, grids & dashboards to view records on map
  • Overlay: View records, shape/excel files & territories together on map
  • Security template: Provide selective access of Maplytics actions to users or teams.
  • Marketing Management: Create geographically targeted Marketing Lists
  • Mass Actions: Save views, send bulk emails, export data to excel & much more
  • Heat Map Visualization: Analyze CRM data on map with heat of records & pie/column charts
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