KPMG Student and Commercial Engagement

por KPMG

Solution to attract, recruit, retain and regain students and commercial clients in education.

Engage the student through their lifelong learning experience with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution designed for Higher Education.
Gain a 360 degree view of students and identify potential issues and opportunities, from the first click on your website, through their years of study and to becoming alumni. Leverage the power of analytics to provide leaders with actionable insights aligned with the institution’s goals and strategy.
Attract Students: Execute and measure marketing campaigns across a range of modern channels - social, events, web, email ... and track engagement.
Recruit Students: Convert prospective student engagements into enrolments with automated nurture marketing, appointment setting, and live chat.
Retain Students: Reduce the loss of revenue by identifying students at risk of leaving and creating cases to support and retain them

Service Students: Deliver the best possible student experience by gaining feedback from surveys, knowledge base articles, polls and live chats as well as social media to help you monitor sentiment, address complaints, and create conversations
Engage Students: Manage every aspect of your alumni and stakeholder relationships, including communications, events, mentor programs, micro-credentialling and fundraising. 

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