Notification Unleashed

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Notification Unleashed: Seamlessly manage notifications, boost collaboration and transparency.

Notification Unleashed is your comprehensive solution for managing notifications in model-driven apps, offering a range of innovative features to keep your users informed and connected.

The app introduces Record and Table notifications, allowing you to easily highlight information for specific records or for entire tables using Fetch XML queries. Your users will receive these notifications or dialogs based on these conditions as soon as they open a record. This feature ensures it is super simple to highlight important information and stay updated without manual checks. Record Notifications streamline communication by sending out notifications based on specific record actions or criteria, enhancing collaboration and workflow efficiency.

Additionally, User notifications enable you to send updates and notification to individuals, teams, or entire business units. You can choose from various notification types, including Bar notifications and Dialog notifications, and even set timed notifications that indicate the duration for which the notification stays on the screen.

Looking ahead, Notification Unleashed is continuously evolving to bring you even more advanced features. In the pipeline, we're working on a new capability that will allow users to see who has viewed notifications, enhancing transparency and collaboration within teams.

Notification Unleashed is designed as a model-driven app, allowing you to easily configure and tailor your notification experience to suit your business’ needs and ensuring you’re your users receive timely updates and alerts tailored to your preferences.

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