Sales and project management with specific features for construction suppliers in Dynamics 365

This solution is already available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Contact us to learn more.


You may have started using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA) or Dynamics 365 Project Operations (PO) for your construction projects. Since PSA and PO are very flexible products with no limitations it might create inconsistent data if you use it in a specific manner. The huge number of functionalities and supported scenarios causes users to lose track and not benefit from the system in daily processes as much as possible.


proMX 365 for Construction contains a bunch of features that provides extended functionalities for construction suppliers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation and Dynamics 365 Project Operations. It is perfectly adapted to the processes in the building industry and enhances the user experience by providing a more specific business process flow. With its specific features for the building industry proMX 365 for Construction ensures to create valid data for your business needs.


Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation and Dynamics 365 Project Operations proMX 365 for Construction includes the following features and more:

  • construction specific categories for Opportunities
  • refer to an object to specify the kind of building concerned for the project
  • extended functionality for choosing an additional customer industry
  • multi Project Gantt client to structure and edit construction projects
  • start and end time handling for time entries
  • enhanced time entry reporting on project level
  • holiday and travel management for building suppliers
  • booking restrictions per time entry or construction project
  • customized business process flow to maintain projects with different stages
  • approval of larger budget plannings in construction projects
  • project specific bill and cost rates

Your Benefits

You benefit from an optimized structure in proMX 365 for Construction which enables you to keep control of your construction projects. Extended fields in the Projects entity give an overview about the project progress. Through secure and reliable project planning your customers’ satisfaction will be enhanced. Risks give you an overview of shortages, i.e. time or knowledge, that needs to be taken into account, and help fulfill your project needs.

With proMX you will have one of the most qualified Project Service Automation and Project Operations partners by your side. Since our solution based on PSA/PO meets the specific needs of the construction industry you will get a selection of the best and most required features to start with.

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