Sales Journey Assistant

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Sales team support in all stages of the Sales Journey

Sales Journey Assistant (SJA) helps sales teams structure, organize, manage & document sales journeys with thorough planning & structured follow-up of face-2-face customer visits.

SJA uses a 5-step process:

1) Qualify: define companies to visit & select one or more outcomes to prepare your sales journey & customer visits

2) Preparation: for the selected/suggested customer list travel routes (inclusing activity, travel & break times) are computed, optimized & visualized.  A consolidated appointment overview gives users instantly a summary of his customer, visit history & subjects to be discussed 

3) Visit: take structured/free-text notes, define action points with an excellent user experience on diverse types of mobile devices

4) Debrief: complete visit reports, define follow-up actions (phone calls, automated nurture emails, other activities), automated validation with escalation process (reminder emails /tasks), adding to related customer records.
5) Reporting: generate visit reports for internal/external use, get statistics & insights (status, escalation, …) through dashboards

SJA helps the CRM users with their customer visits allowing them to:
  • translate all activities in a Sales Plan in a phased process & structured Visit Reports
  • organize & manage customer visits generating Visit Reports based on templates
  • qualify & prepare well upfront with adequate & relevant discussion points
  • capture content of all customer encounters with high accuracy & completeness
  • timely accomplish customer journey planning (activity, travel & break duration) with integrated travel computing & optimization
  • ask adequate questions, document pertinent outcomes, capture & communicate all relevant feedback
  • open new opportunities, improve customer experience & loyalty, boost salespeople’s efficiency

Top time-saving features include:

  • Process-led customer visit execution
  • Structured Visit Reports with templates
  • Efficient planning & orchestration
  • Prepare, manage, document & share discussion points
  • Follow-up efficiently with automated feedback & reporting

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