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This application handles the event management related activities.

Overall Description:

Palladsys is offering the Event Management Solution. This is a highly customizable and configurable solution which can be
used in various industries. Anyone who is planning to initiate an event or is managing various events in different legacy applications can leverage some of the key capabilities of customizable solution which can be created by Dynamics 365 CE.

Technologies Used:
1) Dynamics 365 CE.
2) JavaScript
3) HTML 5
4) Microsoft .Net
5) Microsoft Azure

Industries Captured:
1) Event Management Companies.
2) Public Sector Companies who manage events.
3) Manufacturing companies who manage the events.
4) NGO and Non Profit companies who wants to handle the events.

This solution provides some of the key capabilities of Event Management. However, we might have got some scenarios uncovered as it might vary from company to company. We can still customize and configure the solution according to the business needs. Please feel free to reach out if we need any kind of further enhancements or customizations on top of the Event Management solution.
The key capabilities that are captured in the Event Management includes:
1) Capture the Events.
2) Budgeting.
3) Sponsorships
4) Attendees tracking
5) Various forms of communication.

Event Management solution trial instance provides single persona of usage. We can extend the personas to various other roles and changes based on the requirements.

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