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Automatically find, visualize, and integrate relevant global data and charts into your workflow.

With Knoema DataFinder, you no longer need to search for the data you need online or in your company workspace — our AI engine, combined with the world’s largest database of available data — generates insights as you type.

While you work, simply open the Knoema DataFinder pane to see the insights (facts, statistics, time series, and datasets, all with sources) that are generated. Like what you see? Select “Insert Data” and it is automatically added to your document. Click Explore Data for more information. When relevant, data is presented with visualizations, which also can be brought into your project with a single click.

Want to search for data related to something specific? Simply highlight the phrase and launch Knoema DataFinder, and you’ll be presented with relevant statistics and charts related to that category.

Our data is constantly updated by Knoema’s team of data scientists, and our insight generation algorithms (that power some of the world's largest organizations) get better with every passing day, ensuring you’re getting up-to-date data, faster and with increasing relevancy.

With a few clicks, you get relevant data directly in your document.

The add-in is free to use, but if you want access to more of our services via subscription learn more at

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