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Mosspaper Inc

Empowering Small Businesses to Be More Productive with Simple Tools within Outlook

Mosspaper Outlook Add-in contains features that will allow users to easily add new business contacts, create a quote or contract and sync incoming email messages without ever having to leave their inbox.

Having Mosspaper capabilities within Outlook’s web and desktop version can enhance a small business owner’s overall sales process and workflow with just a few easy clicks.

Upon installing the add-in at the Office 365 store, Mosspaper Outlook add-in will be available under the “Compose and read view” section. Within the compose view, a user will be able to create a quote or contract that can be sent to a customer for their electronic signature.

With incoming emails from Outlook, you will be able to select an email and add new contacts to be saved within Mosspaper. If there are existing customer contacts, the Mosspaper Outlook add-in offers the ability to view every quote and contract associated with that customer, complete with status information on each one. For important messages that you want to save, Mosspaper allows you to sync an email message to any quote or contract, allowing you to better manage and track your business relationships.

Here are some of the key features and benefits:

  • Customer tracking to improve sales efforts

With one simple click, you can create a document to be sent for an electronic signature. Mosspaper provides a link for your customer, personalizing the message that is sent directly from your email inbox. Having your potential clients in one area improves efficiency and helps grow your business.

  • Reduce your cost of doing business with optimized tools

You can easily create a quote or contract to be sent to your customer without leaving your Office 365 workspace. Mosspaper will generate the quote or contracts and send it to your customer for an electronic signature.

  • Improve productivity with visibility

Improve your sales process and performance with quicker access to quote or contract statuses. Click on any incoming email, and Mosspaper will let you know if there are any quotes or contracts associated with it, without leaving Outlook. With visibility into the customer’s sales buying cycle, it becomes easier to manage your business.

  • Managing consumer expectations through central communication

Mosspaper provides an intuitive way to sync incoming emails. Just select the email, and Mosspaper will save the message directly on the quote or contract. A link to the original email allows you to track your email history. We believe having your messages consolidated and centralized is important to your future success.

  • Improve customer experience with message history

Mosspaper provides a link to reference email messages being saved from Outlook so you have everything centralized. Know everything relevant to the customer projects in chronological order so you can enhance your customer’s overall experience.

Account Plans:

Mosspaper offers a free personal plan that allows you to have up to 20 quotes and contracts. After your first 20 quotes or contracts, please go to to see which plan best fits your business needs. You can email us at or call 1-866-344-0114.

Compatibility Information:

  • Mosspaper for Outlook relies on Mosspaper, which is a subscription-based service. You will need an account to log in. Users can sign up for a free Mosspaper account from within the Mosspaper for Outlook add-in.
  • Add-in is supported on modern browsers only (IE 11, Firefox and Chrome) on Windows 8/8.1/10 and MacOS. Older browsers such as IE 9 and 10 are not supported.

If you have any questions or need support, please email us at For more information about Mosspaper, please visit our website at

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