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SteadyPoint Help Desk

SteadyPoint Solutions

4.7 (3)

Ticketing System to help Service Desk manage IT and Non-IT trouble tickets.

HelpDesk System Features:

• Supports Arabic and English languages

• Supports all browsers

• Mobile Responsive

• Define Ticket type:

Create catalog of Tickets in three levels (Area, type, sub type).

• Build Support Teams:

- Choose teams and Managers within ticketing SLA and associate the routing option most fit for the selected team.

- Smart auto team picking with manager auto fetching from Active Directory.

• Configure Escalation Plans:

Control SLA execution, escalation plans can be configured to define the following parameters: (Response time, Fix time, Verification time, E2E time)

• Set Reminders:

Based on ticket priority selected by the author, the system will send repetitive reminders for assignee until completing his task.

• Notifications, Reminders and Escalation:

Upon task assignment, the system will send an email that contains a URL for new assigned task with basic information. In addition, for each ticket type, admin can define a custom escalation and

reminder plans based on the ticket type and priority.

• Create Views:

User can choose any of the following views: All tickets, My open tickets, My closed tickets, last 7 days tickets to see his related tickets or build his own views:

• Permissions Schema

- No one can delete any ticket

- The author has edit permission and can view all his tickets.

- No one can respond on assignee task except the system admin and site collection administrators.

- Every manager has read permission on all tickets of his team members.

• Attachments:

Ability to attach any kind of files are supported on item level with the ability to delete them.

• Re-Assign Ticket:

Ticket can be assigned to only one resource to handle it, before that and during the routing it may be assigned to either a group or a user. Once the ticket assigned to resource to handle it, he can re-

assign the ticket to another resource if necessary

• Routing options:

Three routing options are supported:

- Direct assignment: All tickets of this category will be assigned to a specific employee.

- SPOC: Single point of contact who responsible about resolving this kind of problems

- Resource Pool: A group of resources who responsible about resolving this kind of problems, first in first served

• Tickets re-open:

Keep track re-opened tickets.

• Tickets auto-close:

Configurable auto close period to automatically close tickets that are no longer active.

• Easy to call ticket owner with Skype For Business contact.

• Knowledge base:

A separate list will be created to log tickets output (problem, and resolution) to form a knowledge base for future similar cases. Once the ticket closed the system will create a new knowledge base


• Reporting Dashboard:

Predefined Statistical reports to show major KPIs.