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Create plans, manage your resources, share content and setup planning calendars.

Beedle provides an intuitive planning tool inside of Microsoft Teams for teachers to store digital lesson resources, organize their daily work in a calendar and share plans with other teachers and students.

The solution allows teachers to organize and store Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents and images required daily, while also providing a helpful overview of all linked resources which can simplify and reduce teachers´ workflows and save time. Beedle ensures colleagues can seamlessly contribute, edit and upload useful planning documents and thus improving school efficiency.

Beedle provides an option to link plans to a class calendar which helps teachers organize and keep a daily, weekly or monthly overview. This also allows for easy navigation to the resources needed each day reducing the time spent searching for documents. An intelligent search function also helps teachers and students to easily find keywords in plans and related documents.

Teachers can copy plans and documents across teams and channels to re-use and share with others. They can also choose to share documents with the class, allowing pupils to view and download from the plans.

On the teachers and students personal tab, an overview is provided of planning across all their teams and channels, including a calendar and a cross-team search.

When using Beedle for the first time, teachers are provided an example of how to set up their planning and after setting up their first plans the intuitive design gives a seamless experience through the Beedle planning module. Furthermore, teachers can create and use planning templates which saves time and provides the possibility to work in a well-defined and even more organized way.

Being developed specifically for Microsoft Teams, Beedle makes it easy for users to work in a familiar environment where they can instantly start planning by using existing materials or by creating new content.

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