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AI powered virtual agent to answer your employee queries and service requests.

Enhance your internal support with ServiceBot, an AI-powered virtual agent designed to

streamline employee queries and service requests through Freshservice. Leveraging

advanced natural language processing and machine learning, ServiceBot offers

conversational support, understanding user queries to deliver accurate information and


Key Features of ServiceBot:

● Conversational support* - Users can now chat with ServiceBot to get assistance.

ServiceBot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand user queries

and provides users with relevant information.

● Ticket deflection* - Deflect L1 tickets by providing relevant knowledge base

articles and relieving service desk agents from monotonous and repetitive tasks.

● One-click access - Users can ask the Servicebot to show their tickets or

approvals within Microsoft Teams

ServiceBot enhances the employee experience by making internal support fast and


Freshservice is a cloud-based IT service desk that is easy to set up, quick to learn, and

effective in automating your routine internal tasks. It helps your employees raise

requests or seek assistance through a self-service portal and allows your IT team to

pick up those tickets and fulfill them on time quickly.

Freshservice can also be used by

HR, legal, admin, or facilities teams to handle internal requests.

To access ServiceBot, an active Freshservice account is required. For account setup or

more information, contact your IT administrator or sign up here:

Ensure you have completed the Microsoft Teams set up in Freshservice through the app

gallery before installing ServiceBot in Teams.


1. The enhanced requester interaction and ticket deflection features are exclusive

to the Freshservice Enterprise plan.

2. To report inappropriate content, or contact us write to us at along with the details of the issue

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